I Controls Solution provides the New Automatic Self-Priming Pump for Rainwater Harvesting System. Designed with In-Built Intelligence Control System, Dry-Run Protection, Water Lacking Protection, Intelligence Pump Starting Delay Protection and other protection of Timer, Jumper and Current.

It is suitable for pumping Rainwater and Chemically Non-Aggressive Fluid. Extremely reliable, economical and simple to use. This pump comes with the Surge Tank, it Automatically Distributes of water for Gardening, Irrigation, Car Wash, and even to Toilet Flushing.

The unique design of this pump it is improving and simplifies your style of using water pump for Rainwater Harvesting System.

Automatic Self-priming Pump


  • Rainwater Harvesting System
  • Domestic Cold & Hot Water System
  • Suitable for Non-Flammable or Non-Explosive Clear Water

Robust Design
  • Strong and Durable
  • Less Noise Operation
  • Anti-Rust Pump Shell
  • Over Heating Protection
  • Low Maintenance
  • Energy Saving


Automatic Self-Priming Pump Performance Yield


ModelPower (w)Voltage/FrequencySpeed (r/min)Max Flow (m3/min)Current (A)Suction (M)Max Head (m)Inlet DiameterNet Weight (kg)
JLM-200A200230 / 50Hz28602.02.082525mm(1")8.8
JLM-300A300230 / 50Hz28602.02.583025mm(1")9.0
JLM-400A400230 / 50Hz28602.02.783525mm(1")9.5
JLM-600A600230 / 50Hz28603.04.784025mm(1")12.5
JLM-800A800230 / 50Hz28603.55.284525mm(1")13.5
JLM-1100A1100230 / 50Hz28606.05.285040mm(1.5")18.0
JLM-1500A1500230 / 50Hz28606.58.086040mm(1.5")19.0