I-RAIN Prism-250 product family by I-RAIN Rainwater Harvesting System from I Controls Solution. It's combined rainwater harvesting system Pre-Screen Filter, First Flush Device, Domestic Water Top-Up Device and Storage in one compact Prism shape.

Prism-250 with the effective storage capacity of 250-litres that's integrated with Inlet Rainwater Downpipe (RWDP), Overflow/Waste Water Discharge, Domestic Water Inlet for Backup and Outlet Distribution to end-usage points (water tap) in one compact unit. It's suitable for Wall Mounting and R.C Slab Floor Mounting Installations.

The product comes with the Wall Mounting Bracket special designed for wall mounted installation. The bracket designed to withstand the load of the product in full storage capacity inclusive of the process operation during the raining moment.

The compact Prism-250 product designed allows ease of installation in 5 simple steps.

  1. Install the wall mounting brackets.
  2. Connect the Inlet RWDP.
  3. Connect the Overflow / Waste Water Discharge Pipe.
  4. Connect the Domestic Inlet Water to Top-up Device.
  5. Connect the Outlet Distribution Pipe.

Finally, the product is ready for full operation.

Prism-250 designed to allows maximum flow of 6.2l/s of rainwater or approximately 50 ~ 70m2 of Roof Catchments for each unit of the product. First Flush flushing capacity is operated at 25-Litres and given 250-Litres of effective storage capacity. The Prism-250 is also capable of expansion of the system/storage by simply installing an additional unit.

This is the first ever product in Rainwater Harvesting System Industrial in Malaysia, that's complying with all rainwater harvesting system requirement in one product.

I-RAIN Prism-250 - Prism RWHS


All-In-One - Combining Complete Rainwater Harvesting Requirements in a Product
  • Pre-screen filter
  • First Flush Device
  • Domestic water inlet for backup usage
  • Outlet distribution to end-usage point (water tap)

Product Capabilities
  • Maximum flow - 6.2l/s
  • Roof catchments - 50 ~ 70m2
  • First flush capacity - 25 litres
  • Effective storage - 250 litres

Features Rich
  • Inlet connection - DN110
  • Outlet / waste water connection - DN110
  • Domestic inlet water connection - DN32
  • Outlet distribution / tank balancing connection - DN32

Design Materials
  • Polyethlene (PE) material for tank body
  • Un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) for in-built rainwater harvesting system
  • Stainless steel (SS304) wire mesh Y-strainer for pre-screen filter
  • Pneumatic gravity flow discharge for first flush flushing
  • In-built overflow / waste water discharge

Other Features
  • Ideally zero maintenance
  • Ease of installation for wall mounting or R.C. slab mounting installation
  • Standard uPVC rainwater downpipe (RWDP) connection - DN110


Product NamePrism-250
Product TypePre-Tank Rainwater Harvesting System
Suitable for direct rainwater down pipe (RWDP) connection
MaterialTank Body
In-Built RWHS
Pre-screen Filter
Top-Up Device
Mounting Bracket
Polyethlene (PE)
Un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC)
SS304 stainless steel Y-strainer wire mesh; mesh size: 16-mesh
DN32 mechanical top-up device
50mm X 6mm (t); mild steel hot-dip galvanised


Matte finishing
Beige & grey
ConnectionsInlet RWDP
Overflow / waste water
Domestic inlet water
Outlet distribution
Tank balancing
DN110 standard uPVC pipe
DN110 standard uPVC pipe
DN32 standard BSP threaded connection
DN32 standard BSP threaded connection
DN32 standard BSP threaded connection

CapacitiesRoof catchments
Pre-screen filter
First Flush Device
Storage (Nominal)
Storage (Effective)
50 ~ 70m2
Approximately 6.2-l/s

Overall DimensionL x W x H1,200 x 400 x 840 mm
Overall WeightProduct only
Approximately 30-kgs
Approximately 300-kgs

Approximately 330-kgs
Ambient ConditionOperation
Wet and Raining Condition
~10°C ~ 65°C, 100% RH