I Controls Solution manufactures the new range of Rainwater Harvesting Pre-Screen Filtration Unit - SH SERIES PRE-SCREEN FILTER. It suitable for DN160, DN200, DN250, and DN315 Rainwater Downpipe (RWDP). It can be installed either suspended on the soffit or install inside the underground sump pit. Same size as the inlet RWDP, make the connection easy and flange connection design make a seamless interface with any types of RWDP system. SH Series design for large volumes of rainfall and high velocity of rainwater flow from the conveyance media.

I-RAIN SH Series Pre-Screen Filter uses S304 Stainless Steel for housing material, ensuring high durable for its product lifespan. It comes with the standard flange connection for seamless connection to all types of RWDP. I-RAIN SH Series Pre-Screen Filter able to handle up to 192-1/s of rainwater flow rate and up to 2.5m/s of flow velocity. It is state-of-art for large scale of rainwater harvesting system.

The unit designed for ease of installation is suitable for ceiling mounted or underground sump installation. The Open Top filter cover makes the pre-screen filter serviceable and the removable filter drum makes the service even easier. Stainless Steel Wiremesh for debris screening, before the rainwater, flows into the I-RAIN First Flush Device and onward to the reservoir for storage.

SH Series Filter Unit designs with max. of 192-l/s and it can work beyond with minimum reduction of performance yield.



Ease of Installation
  • Equal size with RWDP, prevents backflow due to reduction of connection
  • Mounted same level as rainwater downpipe for surface system (mounted on soffit)
  • Installed inside the underground sump (the cover can be built to heavy load)
  • Standard flange connection, ease of interface with RWDP

Robust Design
  • High durability material
  • Stainless steel wiremesh dump

Feature Rich
  • Inlet connection, DN160, DN200, DN250 & DN315
  • High flowrate up to 192-l/s and beyond with minimum reduction of collection yield
  • High velocity up to 2.5m/s and beyond




Product NameSH Series - Pre Screen Filter
ModelSH160 - DN160
SH200 - DN200
SH250 - DN250
SH315 - DN315
Product TypePre-Screen Filter
Suitable For Direct Rainwater Down Pipe (RWPD) Connection
Filter Drum
High Durable S304 Stainless Steel, t = 2.0mm
S304 Stainless Steel Wiremesh on Frame, Mesh Size: 16 Mesh
ConnectionDN160, Standard 12-Holes Flange for Inlet/Waste Water/Outlet
DN200, Standard 12-Holes Flange for Inlet/Waste Water/Outlet
DN250, Standard 12-Holes Flange for Inlet/Waste Water/Outlet
DN315, Standard 12-Holes Flange for Inlet/Waste Water/Outlet
CapacitySH160 - 24-l/s ~ 32-l/s
SH200 - 51-l/s ~ 68-l/s
SH250 - 87-l/s ~ 116-l/s
SH315 - 144-l/s ~ 192-l/s
Filter16 Mesh Stainless Steel Wiremesh on Stainless Steel Frame, Slot-In Mounting
Overall Dimension SH160 - 480(680) x 280(380) x 280 mm (LxWxH)
SH200 - 600(900) x 350(450) x 350 mm (LxWxH)
SH250 - 750(950) x 420(520) x 420 mm (LxWxH)
SH315 - 900(1100) x 530(630) x 530 mm (LxWxH)
() Dimension Inclusive of Flange Connection
Ambient ConditionOperation
Wet and Raining Condition
-10°C ~ 65°C, 95% RH of Non-Condensate