I Controls Solution manufactures the new range of Rainwater Harvesting Pre-Screen Filtration Unit - SV SERIES. It suitable for DN110 and DN160 Rainwater Downpipe (RWDP) Inlet Connection for up to 200m2 roof catchments.

I-RAIN SV Series Pre-Screen Filter uses S304 Stainless Steel for housing material, ensuring high durable for it product lifespan. It's brand new family product design for our I-RAIN brand solution product; suitable for the medium scale rainwater harvesting system with large volumes of flow rate and rainfall.

The unit designed for ease of installation and is suitable for Downpipe Installation or hidden inside the ceiling level for easy access. The filter uses the Stainless Steel Wiremesh for debris screening before the rainwater flows into the I-RAIN First Flush Device and onward to the reservoir for storage.

SV Series Filter unit design with maximum flowrate of 15-l/s and it can work beyond with minimum reduction of performance yield.



Ease of Installation
  • Rainwater Downpipe (RWDP) mounting with no additional bracket required
  • Standard DN110 & DN160 socket-in / socket-out uPVC pipe connection for ease of interface with RWDP

Robust Design
  • High durability material
  • Stainless steel wiremesh

Feature Rich
  • Inlet connection, DN110 & DN160
  • High flowrate, maximum 15-l/s and beyond with minimum reduction of performance yield


SV SERIES - PRE-SCREEN FILTER performance yield


Product NameSV Series - Pre Screen Filter
ModelSV110 - DN110
SV160 - DN160
Product TypePre-Screen Filter
Suitable For Direct Rainwater Down Pipe (RWPD) Connection
High Durable S304 Stainless Steel, t = 1.0mm
S304 Stainless Steel Wiremesh on Frame, Mesh Size: 16 Mesh
ConnectionDN110, Standard uPVC Pipe for Inlet/Outlet
DN160, Standard uPVC Pipe for Inlet/Outlet
CapacitySV110 - Max. 12-I/s and Beyond
SV160 - Max. 15-I/s and Beyond
Filter16 Mesh Stainless Steel Wiremesh on Stainless Steel Frame, Clip-on Mounting
Overall Dimension SV110 - 150/200 x 130 x 200/300 mm (LxWxH)
SV160 - 180/240 x 160 x 240/360 mm (LxWxH)
Ambient ConditionOperation
Wet and Raining Condition
-10°C ~ 65°C, 95% RH of Non-Condensate